Say Goodbye to Your Trouble Zones: VelaShape III is Here!

Did someone say “problem areas”? Don’t we all know about those. Whether it’s love handles (who loves those?), back fat, or a tummy roll, it’s these trouble zones that give us unending grief and never seem to go away regardless of regimental diet and exercise. There is a gold standard solution—liposuction. But let’s face facts: Not everyone has the time or desire to have a surgical procedure... and the folks over at Syneron know it. They’ve just announced FDA clearance for their latest body contouring platform, which they claim is the perfect, nonsurgical answer for those of us who want to say goodbye to those unsightly lumps and bumps without having to go under the knife. Meet the latest iteration in their VelaShape treatment line, the VelaShape III, approved for the temporary reduction in circumference of the abdomen, as reported in a recent investor press release.


VelaShape is also used in a wide range of other body shaping applications such as cellulite treatments.


According to the manufacturer, VelaShape III is a unique body contouring treatment that delivers the results you want, all with no downtime. Just think: a slimmer waistline, a loss in love handles, no more back fat—every girl’s dream come true!


What’s New

What’s new about the new system? It’s more powerful, which means you can expect reduced treatment times and fewer treatments required. As Lori Brightman, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and one of the lead investigators for the system pointed out in the release, the technology reaches the treatment temperature more quickly, which results in a shorter treatment session. (Great news for patients!)


Refinements in the technology also mean consistent energy delivered, more precise treatment and increased levels of comfort, efficacy and safety: No pain. Fast results. Perfect!


Expert Points

Don’t just take the company’s word for it. Ruthie Amir, MD, the Global Vice President of Clinical Affairs, reported in the release that all patients in a clinical study experienced a a reduction in waist size of at least 1.5 cm, with results seen in as little as 2 weeks after just one treatment, and nearly half of study patients experienced a 2.6 cm reduction at 10 weeks post-treatment.


The company website also quotes other physicians and their opinions about the device:


According to Jason Pozner, MD, “In our practice and studies we found significant reduction in circumferences of the abdomen with the VelaShape III, with no serious adverse effects. There is also an improvement in skin texture post VelaShape III treatment and the patients are very satisfied from their results.”


Lori Brightman, MD, concurs: “We've seen great results consistently with VelaShape. We've had multiple patients lose up to 5 centimeters off their waist and abdomen area.”


With those kinds of reviews, could the new VelaShape III treatment be right for you? Only your doctor can tell you that. Go ahead. Find a doctor in your area and see what the possibilities are for you to finally say goodbye to your trouble zones.