The Forma Difference- Non-Invasive Skin Tightening

If you've been noticing changes in your appearance due to new lines and wrinkles, and less elastic skin resulting in saggy eyelids, jowls or an overall more tired look, you’re definitely not alone. Aging skin is susceptible to the inevitable decrease in collagen production; collagen that is essential to maintaining youthful, supple skin. Skin with plenty of new collagen production has good elasticity and is able to hold its form and maintain a smooth, even appearance.

Though face lift procedures have been quite popular as a main option for treating sagging skin, this surgical procedure poses a lot of risks and requires a lot of downtime while patients heal and deal with the pains associated with this invasive method of treatment. Thankfully there are new, non-invasive medical procedures now offered  for skin tightening which provide patients with similar results without having to go under the knife. These procedure use heat and ultrasound or radio frequency technology to target the deeper layers of the skin without surgery and patients of these treatments don’t need to worry about dealing with any downtime.

Using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, the Ulthera skin tightening treatment is quite effective and one of the more common non-invasive skin tightening procedures available today. Instead of a surgical facelift, patients can rest comfortably while a trained technician uses ultrasound technology and heat to target the collagen beneath the skin’s surface and encourage new production. Patients seeking Ulthera treatments are looking to improve the look of sagging jawlines (jowls), crepe-like skin on the neck and chest, lines around the mouth and eyes, sagging eyelids, and drooping foreheads among other areas. Though this skin tightening procedure is highly effective and quite popular, it’s not completely pain free and many patients experience some discomfort while undergoing the procedure. It’s also one of the more expensive non-invasive skin tightening options on the market.

The Forma skin tightening method is comparable to the Ulthera method as it’s also completely non-invasive and equally effective in treating sagging, droopy skin. The Forma technique uses radio frequency technology to boost collagen production in areas which have lost their elasticity and patients are able to see a difference in their appearance after even the first session. Patients can enjoy a quick, and pain free Forma session without any surgery required and this method is also commonly used anywhere where sagging, loose skin has become a problem. This skin might be apparent on the face and neck or it may include the abdomen, arms, and chest as commonly treated areas. A free Forma consultation can be schedule to determine how Forma can drastically improve your appearance and rejuvenate your skin for a healthier, more youthful glow.