The Great “Side Effects” of the Liposuction Procedure

You probably understand that the main goal of liposuction is to contour and reshape problem areas. The reshaping is the goal, not weight loss. Liposuction is done to reduce “problem” areas that are just not responding to all that diet and exercise. The main areas targeted by liposuction are the thighs, hips, back, and abdomen.Interestingly, along with the slimming results of liposuction, there are other great “side effects” to the procedure. Of course, liposuction can help achieve self-confidence and a better self image. You will start to feel better about yourself when you can fit into those slimmer, more form fitting clothes. You will love looking at yourself in the mirror!


In addition to eliminating those pesky fat deposits, certain liposuction procedures such as SmartLipo can also help tighten the skin. These liposuction procedures essentially help develop new collagen that will rejuvenate the skin’s appearance.


Additionally, liposuction can be used to treat certain medical conditions. Conditions that can be treated through liposuction include:


  • Excessive sweating in the armpits
  • Gynecomastia / pseudogynecomastia — The abnormal enlargement of the breasts in males
  • Benign fatty tumors or lipomas
  • Lipodystrophy or problems with the metabolism of fat


Good for Your Heart


One study showed that patients undergoing liposuction may also lower their risks of heart disease. Researchers of the study examined cholesterol levels and triglycerides of some 300 liposuction patients. Patients who had higher triglyceride levels before the liposuction showed a reduction in these levels after the procedure.


While the patients in the study did not show any changes in the cholesterol levels, the study did find that white blood cell counts were lower post procedure. These white blood cells are often associated with high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, and obesity.


Other conditions that are associated with weight can also be alleviated such as joint pain, diabetes, and incontinence. Obviously, many medical conditions that are associated with being overweight should be addressed through diet and exercise, and following physicians orders to treat these conditions.


Says Dr. Thomas Wright, medical director of Laser Lipo and Vein Center and St Louis Liposuction Center, “We understand how liposuction can affect our patients self-confidence and self-image through a slimmer, more contoured figure.”


He continues, “The other positive side effects that can be achieved through liposuction are indications that along with the cosmetic effects, the health benefits are a reality.”