The Skinny on Large Volume Liposuction



One of the biggest myths about liposuction is that the technique is reserved for ‘skinny’ people looking to improve just a small, isolated area of fat. Yes, it is true that historically the best liposuction results were seen by those close to their ideal body weight seeking to eliminate a stubborn area of localized fat. Not anymore. With large volume liposuction a broader range of patients can experience exceptional results, even if they are overweight. Cutting-edge techniques mean more individuals can choose the semi-invasive, large volume liposuction to remove bigger quantities of frustrating fat, getting a jump-start on a contoured body.


Large Volume Liposuction:

Traditional liposuction removes about two liters of fat. The innovative technique of large volume liposuction allows up to five or more liters of fat to be safely eliminated during a single treatment. This change can help patients seeking more dramatic body contouring. Sean Younai, MD, of Beverly Hills Liposuction explained large volume liposuction, “Traditional liposuction is only successful when patients experience small localized fat deposits. This will not make a noticeable difference for a larger person whose aesthetic goal is a significant reduction in size.” Dr. Younai continues, “Many patients find that they are able to drop two to five sizes in clothing after undergoing (large volume liposuction).”


Advanced Liposuction Techniques:

A select number of board certified plastic surgeons now provide large volume liposuction. Putting their extensive background in fat elimination into motion, these doctors incorporate a keen eye for body shape with meticulous skills for safe, consistent results. It is important that patients only trust an experienced surgeon with this type of procedure, as their individual medical history, body proportions, and unique aesthetic goals must be suited for the technique.


While large volume liposuction should not be a singular alternative to weight loss, it is a valuable tool for improving shape. With a kick-start towards a fit and curvaceous figure, large volume liposuction can give overweight patients the motivation to commit to a long-term healthy lifestyle.


Liposuction at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery:

Christmas is right around the corner, making it a great time to choose liposuction. Prepare for the holiday festivities by scheduling your liposuction consultation with Dr. Paul Vitenas, Houston’s top board certified plastic surgeon. Bringing close to 30 years of liposuction experience to each patient, Dr. Vitenas’ personalized techniques can help you look your best and provide a fresh start towards a new you. Call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery at 281.484.0088 to find out more on the large volume liposuction technique.