Tighten Sagging Skin With Laser Skin Tightening

laser skin tightening-Dr. WrightThe skin is susceptible to many damaging components throughout a lifetime and exposure to sun combined with age and possible poor dietary choices can cause the skin to look tired due to a loss of moisture and elasticity. Tightening and firming the skin once collagen growth has begun to slow and a lack of elasticity has created a less firm, more saggy appearance is often attempted through the use of external creams while avoiding additional excess sunlight, but to see a dramatic improvement in the skin’s surface, a medical intervention is usually required to really alter the skin’s appearance.

Laser skin tightening has become one of the most popular laser treatments in recent years as a means for safely and effectively treating skin that is showing signs of fatigue and wear. When operated by a fully trained physician who has experience in treating patients with laser skin tightening procedures, this technique can stimulate new collagen growth below the skin’s surface in as few as a couple of quick treatments. Slowed collagen growth is often to blame for sagging jowls, tired looking eyes, sunken cheeks and fine lines and wrinkles while new collagen development helps to keep the skin looking fresh, plump and younger in appearance.

After a consultation in which your problem skin areas are examined by your doctor thoroughly, the treatment itself makes use of a laser light beam that penetrates the skin and stimulates the growth of new collagen through building warmth and massaging the area to encourage new production. Laser skin tightening can help with sagging skin while also providing a more even skin tone as fine lines and wrinkles are filled in with new collagen. This procedure, though very popular in treating faces that are showing signs of aging and fatigue, can be used anywhere on the body where sagging skin is an issue. Many patients opt to use the laser skin tightening treatments on common trouble spots such as the buttocks, the tummy, the thighs and the upper arms. Some patients may wish to target both their face as well as another areas of the body at once though multiple treatments may be required over many months to fully address the problem areas and to enjoy optimal results.

Considered very low risk, the laser skin tightening procedure feels more like a warm, deep massage with gentle heat rather than a medical treatment and many sessions last no longer than 15 to 20 minutes in total. Many patients will notice a marked improvement in their appearance after just one session.