Tumescent Liposuction For Your Neck

Losing weight can be a real challenge and if you have done so you also have likely put in a significant effort to shed excess fat around your middle, your thighs and your buttocks, but even significant weight loss can leave some areas still struggling with extra fatty deposits that are harder to be rid of. These areas may include parts of the back, arms or the face, including the neck.

A neck that is holding onto unwanted fat deposits  can created a less flattering profile, a weak jawline and folds that are frustrating to the individual who is seeking a smoother, more contoured appearance. Though typically thought of as a procedure for sucking out fat in larger, more prominent areas of the body, tumescent liposuction can actually be used on the neck to remove excess fat and create a more flattering appearance.

The typical neck liposuction patient is a man or a woman who is feeling self-conscious about loose skin around their neck, a double chin, neck bands or what is sometimes referred to as a “turkey neck”. Younger patients who still have fairly elastic skin that bounces back well will see the best results after a neck liposuction treatment.

Tumescent liposuction of the neck is performed by making very small incisions both underneath the chin and behind the ears while gently suctioning fat out through these small incisions. The tumescent liposuction technique is much gentler than traditional liposuction methods and causes far less bruising. Many patients decide to pair neck liposuction with a neck lift or facelift for more significant results depending on their situation.

Prior to the tumescent liposuction, patients should be sure to avoid smoking, eat a healthy diet, engage in regular cardiovascular exercise and try to keep their weight under control. These efforts will help promote full healing without complications. Those who are taking blood pressure medications should have their hypertension under control before undergoing liposuction. Blood thinners should be avoided for 10 days prior to surgery.

Before undergoing neck liposuction, patients should meet with their doctor to examine their neck and assess their health and to discuss what the patient can expect from their individual liposuction procedure. Results will vary patient to patient and depend largely upon their neck’s appearance prior to treatment.

After the tumescent liposuction, some patients may be required to wear a drain to rid the body of excess fluid within the neck. Bandages are removed a couple of days after the procedure though the head should be kept elevated throughout healing to reduce swelling.