Tummy Tuck, Butt Lift, and More: Liposuction's Perfect Pairings


When it comes to reducing fat throughout the body, it seems as if there's nothing liposuction can't do. Today's techniques allow it to specifically target more areas of the body than ever, leaving behind minimal scarring and beautiful results.

Liposuction can create beautiful bodies on its own. Add in another procedure, and the transformation can be even more dramatic. Let's explore some of liposuction's "perfect pairings" to help you understand how common procedures work together.

Perfect Pairing #1: Tummy Tuck

While liposuction is ideal for sculpting abdominal fat, tummy tuck surgery is the only option available that can effectively reduce excess loose skin. This makes it especially popular with women who have been pregnant, but tummy tuck is also useful for anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight and is left with hanging, empty abdominal skin as a result. For many, after pregnancy or significant weight fluctuation, small, localized "pockets" of fat hang around as well, despite your best efforts and healthy habits. That's why surgeons, such as Las Vegas-based Dr. Arthur Cambeiro,incorporate liposuction into tummy tuck surgery, refining results and dramatically reshaping the abdomen.

Perfect Pairing #2: Brazilian Butt Lift

Liposuction is a key component of Brazilian butt lift and other forms of buttock augmentation, which has seen a recent surge in popularity. During this trendy procedure, a plastic surgeon removes excess fat from one area of the body (often the abdomen or thighs), purifies it, and adds it to the buttocks. Because the procedure incorporates a patient's own fat, the results look soft and natural. And since liposuction often works to sculpt the midsection before adding fat to the buttocks, the overall improvement appears even more dramatic.

Perfect Pairing #3: Breast Reduction

For thousands of women each year, breast reduction offers both physical and mental relief from the burden of over-sized, heavy breasts. To create attractive results for patients, breast reduction surgeons need a deep understanding of the natural contours of the female body, and they often take a conservative approach. Surgeons also often use liposuction to contour the areas around the breasts so that they will be proportional to the end results, reducing fat deposits in the underarms and chest. With a bit of selective liposuction during a breast reduction procedure, surgeons can create results with a beautiful overall transformation and attractive contours that look completely natural.

In some cases, when the amount of reduction is more moderate, liposuction alone can create the desired effect.

Perfect Pairing #4: Facelift

This unexpected pairing actually makes a lot of sense when you consider how fat moves around with age. Like other tissues, fat is susceptible to the effects of gravity, often becoming displaced and accumulating in the neck, chin, and jawline rather than the cheeks.

Liposuction can be an important element of facelift that restores the attractive definition to a person's face and counters the shape-altering effects of age. Like Brazilian butt lift, the fat removed from the lower face can then be transferred, adding volume to the cheeks and other areas of the face where it has gradually disappeared. When fat disappears from the face altogether (rather than moving downward), surgeons often take a small amount of fat from the abdomen or thighs to perform the procedure.