LipoTherme and LipoControl

LipoTherme by Osyris Medical is another well regarded laser lipolysis technology. Using a small laser housed in a cannula, fatty deposits are disrupted with heat, facilitating their removal and the look and contour you desire. Laser lipolysis like the LipoTherme is often used in areas where traditional liposuction would not be successful and in parts of the body where diet and exercise will not be able to reduce the fatty deposit.

In the case of the LipoTherme, a 980 nm wavelength is used to target and emulsify fatty deposits below the skin. They have a specially designed and patented cannula that houses the laser and offers smooth and consistent contouring and results and a tiny incision that heals quickly and results in less scarring. LipoTherme laser liposuction offers control and precision to cosmetic surgeons, allowing them to target the smallest and most stubborn pockets of fat.


The real difference that Osyris Medical has brought to the market is in their LipoControl technology, which is used in conjunction with their LipoTherme laser liposuction treatment.  LipoControl offers an actual on screen image of the patient’s area of treatment, beneath the skin, so the surgeon can see exactly where they are and what they are doing. The technology uses heat imaging to map the location of the laser and cannula and the laser power strengthens and weakens as the surgeon moves the cannula beneath the skin. In fact, if the surgeon stops movement altogether, the LipoControl will turn off the laser. This kind of control and protection is a great advance in laser liposuction.

When LipoControl and LipoTherme are used together, cosmetic surgeons are able to offer the best possible results to patients. This kind of laser liposuction is perfect for small, precise areas like the face, neck, back, parts of the abdomen and arms. In most cases, like other laser liposuction, LipoControl and LipoTherme are used in outpatient procedures and the use of the laser technology reduces bruising and bleeding. Typically only a local anesthetic is needed, which reduces both cost and risk to the patient.

LipoTherme and LipoControl have a good reputation for helping cosmetic surgeons achieve desired results. If your doctor uses LipoTherme and LipoControl for their laser liposuction treatment, be sure to ask questions about how they plan to use the technology and fully understand the procedure and treatment.