LipoLite – Laser Liposuction

LipoLite is a laser liposuction technology available to patients who are in good health and who are not using liposuction as a measure for weight loss. LipoLite laser has been used very successfully in body sculpting and contouring – and like other laser liposuction techniques is particularly good with small areas that don’t work well for traditional liposuction and are resistant to weight loss and exercise.

The LipoLite laser liposuction technique uses the 1064 nm wavelength to melt away and remove fat from beneath the skin. The tiny cannula and fiber optic laser make for minimal invasiveness during the procedure. In fact, many physicians will use traditional liposuction techniques for the larger sites being targeted on a patient’s body and then will follow up with laser lipolysis from a technology like LipoLite.

The LipoLite laser liposuction difference is in their SelectPulse™ technology. Basically, doctors can use this technology to deliver short pulses of low energy or longer pulses of higher energy, either of which can be necessary depending on the patient and the body part being treated.  This means that LipoLite laser liposuction can treat areas that are fibrous or have tissue that would be traditionally resistant to laser lipo and that this technology is adept at destroying fat cell membranes for maximum results.

It’s of critical importance that your laser liposuction doctor has maximum control and flexibility during treatment for optimal results. They need the proper wavelength and power to successfully melt and dissolve fats while protecting other tissues and anatomical structures. The SelectPulse technology used in LipoLite laser fat removal enables your cosmetic surgeon to do their best work and give you the best contoured liposuction results.

Like other laser lipolysis treatments, LipoLite is considered an outpatient procedure and is often conducted in a cosmetic surgeon’s office using only local anesthesia. Procedures usually last between 30 and 60 minutes per body part being treated. The incision and treatment is typically very small and the recovery time is short. LipoLite is most often used on parts of the body like the face, neck, bra line, belly, male chest and stubborn areas of the thighs. Many surgeons will use traditional liposuction and do “the detail work” with laser lipolysis.

Understanding the procedure is of paramount importance, so when you meet with your doctor you can ask questions and truly understand the treatment.