If you’re looking to augment your breast size, we’ve got great news: implants aren’t you’re only viable option. Doctors are increasingly taking fat via liposuction from one part of the body (tummy, thighs, love handles) and re-injecting it into the breasts for enhanced shape and volume. The idea of moving fat from one place to

Study authors report an increase in ‘fullness’, with long-term results in near-obese patient population. Body contouring with liposuction or liposuction procedures required for figure finesse.   No matter the weight-loss method, one question on everyone’s mind is, just how long with the weight stay off? In the case of tummy tuck, a study published in

When liposuction was first introduced in the US nearly three decades ago, no could have imagined a scenario in which we’d want to put the fat back in. But with innovative uses for fat and technique advancements, “reverse liposuction” is being reported as an alternative to breast implant replacement, with the added viability of future