We all know that liposuction can remove stubborn pockets of fat and reshape body contours. But the concept of “liposuction” today has evolved beyond what it was only 3 decades ago.   Redefining Liposuction Technically speaking, liposuction refers to the process of removing fat deposits under the skin with a cannula (a long, slender silver

We all know the benefits of losing weight: a healthier heart, less stress on the joints, and a boost in self-esteem. Who can argue with that? And when you’ve committed to being healthier and adapting your lifestyle to meet those goals, sometimes liposuction plays a role in fine tuning some of the details. But the

Whether it involves surgical or non-surgical means, achieving and maintaining your ideal weight, body size and shape includes one global component: exercise. But new evidence points to an even bigger reason to get active: it can affect fat cells at the DNA level, increasing the speed at which they metabolize fat and helping you to

While liposuction is often discussed as a solution for troublesome hips, buns, and thighs, some doctors believe that it’s another more obscure body part that drives women into their office: their knees.   “Almost every woman who comes in for lipo hates her knees,” Joel Schlessinger, MD, a liposuction expert in Omaha, Neb., told NBCnews.com

Could the color of your fat be the culprit behind your struggle with weight loss? It’s a possibility, according to research recently presented at the 73rd meeting of the American Diabetes Association in Chicago this year.   Turns out, we have two kinds of fat, white and brown, each with a different function, reports news

Did you find Dad the perfect gift this year? You did if you gave him liposuction or Botox, according to aesthetic industry experts. From coast-to-coast, not only are numbers up for men undergoing plastic surgery procedures, but this time of year may also make treatments such as liposuction and injectables even more popular and acceptable

What do you get when your calf and ankle meet without a smidgen of taper between the two? A cankle, of course. Just the word alone conjures a less-than-dainty image. Also referred to as fat ankles, chubby ankles and thick legs, cankles are the result of excess weight, bloating and/or the genes mom and pop