New Body? Post-Liposuction Nutrient Guidelines

New Body? Post-Liposuction Nutrient Guidelines

So you pulled the trigger, found a qualified, reputable liposuction doctor, and are feeling great about your new body—good for you! After making an investment in the way you look and feel, which isn’t an easy change for everyone to make, you definitely don’t want to risk losing it all by making unhealthy food choices. So the question becomes, where do you begin?


Hungry or Ho-Hum?

First things first—are you really hungry, or just bored? You may be surprised just how easy it is to eat out of pure boredom, even when you’re not hungry at all. So one of the best strategies to use is to take a brief pause before you walk into the kitchen, and ask yourself “Am I really hungry?”

Go Green

If you decide you are hungry, make sure you’re putting the right things into your body. “Nutrient-dense” is a term used to describe foods that have a ton of vitamins, minerals, and other good stuff inside, without having an excess of calories. When dietitians talk about an “empty” calorie, which is the opposite of those that are nutrient-dense, they are usually talking about foods high in sugar or fat, both of which pack a huge caloric load without having many nutrients if any at all.


As it turns out, some of the most nutrient-dense foods are greens—kale, spinach, and swiss chard among others. So when you’re hungry, opting for spinach salad with almonds, craisins, red onion and a low-fat vinaigrette (for example), is a much healthier and filling option compared with the quick energy fix those chocolate chip cookies that are calling your name. Not only will that spinach leave you feeling fuller, but you’ll also be eating a ton more nutrients for which your body will thank you!


Snack Smart

Okay, so spinach salad might not be your think. If the prospect of all those greens is daunting, or you’re just looking for a snack to take to the office, consider a piece or two of fresh fruit. Fruit has lots of nutrients and fiber, and in many cases you don’t need any prep work or silverware, just take a bite! An interesting caveat: Apples have compounds in them that actually make you feel fuller longer!


Power in Numbers

It’s no secret that programs like Jeni Craig and Weight Watchers are successful. Part of the reason is that they include the power of a group dynamic. It’s almost always easier to make significant achievements in a group setting. But you don’t have to join one of these nationally promoted programs to find success. Find or create your own group that meets to share recipes, exercise and make some friends who share like minds when it comes to long-term health and vitality.