New Research: Happiness Is a Curvier Backside

Ever wonder why the abundance of illegal buttock injections stories making headlines in recent months? It’s related to a rising interest in a more voluminous backside, of course. At least that’s what recent research suggests. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the study, “Gluteoplasty with Autologous Fat Tissue,” which was presented at the ASPS annual meeting this month, shows that women who have this procedure are “highly satisfied.” And according to Public Education Committee Chair David Reath, MD, “Unfortunately, the increase in women desiring a fuller bottom has led to a rise in illegal buttock injections being performed by people with little to no plastic surgery training,” quotes an ASPS press release.


The Study

A total of 58 female patients had fat harvested via liposuction from the hips, thighs, under the buttocks, and flanks. The fat was prepared and reinjected into the buttock area to create volume and contour. A small-sized graft technique was used as a strategy to increase transplant viability. Results were evaluated by the surgical team using before and after pictures. A scale of 1 to 4 was used, with 1 being no improvement and 4 being excellent improvement. There were no major complications and almost all patients (57) were “very satisfied” with treatment, according to the press release. One patient underwent a second fat grafting session to achieve desired results.


Good results, said Dr. Reath, relied more on the balance of liposuction and fat grafting together to reshape the buttock area and not so much on volume of grafted fat. “It is important to note that a good result did not depend on a lot of fat infiltration. The best aesthetics were achieved when the elimination of fat by liposuction and fat grafting were combined harmoniously,” he told ASPS Public Relations.


Finding a Qualified Doctor

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