Real Men Get Liposuction (and More!)

Did you find Dad the perfect gift this year? You did if you gave him liposuction or Botox, according to aesthetic industry experts. From coast-to-coast, not only are numbers up for men undergoing plastic surgery procedures, but this time of year may also make treatments such as liposuction and injectables even more popular and acceptable among the so-called stronger sex.


In a survey of press releases over the past several months, a New York Times article recently pointed out that not only are men looking to freshen up their professional image, but they may also be ready to come out of the cosmetic surgery closet. No, “It’s no longer taboo for a male patient to come in for a plastic surgery consultation,” according to New Jersey’s Michael Fiorello, a plastic surgeon the NYT article quotes.


Compare that with the not-too-distant past when men were more likely to get a consult on the sly by directly or indirectly doubling up on their wives’. Not only was the idea of booking his own consult taboo, but admitting he wanted to have something done? Unheard of!


While statistics reported by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) demonstrate that men are indeed having more procedures done—about 1 million last year, 10% of the total, and more than a 106% increase from 1997—they don’t track if or to what degree Father’s Day might make an impact on the idea of giving youth to Dad as a gift. ASAPS President Jack Fisher told the news source that there is “no substantial data” around this claim.


But for New York plastic surgeon Stephen Greenberg, requests from men for enhancement nearly doubles at this time of the year, reports NYT. Coincidence that it’s so close to summer and beach season? Whatever the motivation, one thing seems perfectly clear: the industry has finally tamed the tough guy and the trend is more than likely here to stay.




What procedures are men getting? According to the ASAPS annual statistics reported last year, these are the top 5:


  1. 1.  Liposuction

More options in the area of fat reduction, mean more opportunities for men to tune up and slim down. Add a laser to traditional liposuction (laser liposuction) to reduce downtime and improve results. Radiofrequency energy, which powers the likes of Venus Freeze and VelaShape, makes body contouring possible completely surgery-free.


  1. 2.  Rhinoplasty

Whether it’s a football injury or genetic hump, guys have figured out they can make refinements to their faces without sacrificing their cultural heritage, individuality or masculinity.


  1. 3.  Eyelid Lift

When the upper eyelids begin to obstruct vision and the lower ones hang down like dark, limp half-moons, even men have a limit. A great doctor can wake those eyes up again!


  1. 4.  Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a medical condition that causes breast over development in men, and men are clearly tired of hiding behind their T-shirts. Treatment can be as simple as a liposuction procedure.


  1. 5.  Ear Surgery

Let’s face it: Most professional men can’t get away with long hair, and if you’ve got protruding ears, that clean cut can reveal everything. Ear surgery not only can tuck the ears back from view, but it can also repair damage caused by tears or over-stretching (ie, gauged ears).