Trend Alert! Boys Too Want Beefier Backsides

When it comes to numbers, buttock augmentation’s got nothing on Botox. But within the actual percentage of those rear-enhancing procedures performed, there is a small but growing trend—and this one’s got less to do with bikini exposure and more to do with “beefier” glutes. You guessed it. Tough guys don’t want flat butts either.


According to statistics reported by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), there has been an increase of 2.2% in men undergoing buttock augmentation since 1997.


“Pancake butt,” “flat butt,” “droopy drawers,” whatever you call a man with an excessively flat backside, men themselves are beginning to stand up and say, No more. In fact, the New York Times recently profiled two such men who have recently found happiness in a more developed derrière. Jeff Vickers, a 46-year-old husband and father of four told the online news source that he’s “...always had a nonexistent butt. Zero.” Keeping his pants up without a belt was impossible, he said, until he underwent a $10,000 fat transfer from his abdominal and love handle areas to his backside.


Manhattan based “Michael” also had fat transferred from the abdomen to the buttocks to fill out where he was lacking. In addition to a lift out back, he also lost 3 inches from the waist and had a washboard for the first time in nearly 20 years, he told the NYT.


Here’s how the treatment works:


Fat transfer to the buttocks, also referred to as a butt lift, or Brazilian butt lift, is used in lieu of implants for a more natural and comfortable result that has the added benefit of liposuction. It’s called the ultimate 2-in-1 treatment: remove fat from where you don’t want it; add it to another area where you do. First, fat is liposuctioned from the abdominal region or flanks. Next, it’s processed. And finally, it’s reinjected into the buttocks to bring life to this formerly flat area. An expert hand sculpts and shapes the buttocks to better compliment your individual body type.


The procedure generally takes 1 to 2 hours. You can expect to return to work in about a week, but it will take at least 4 weeks to make a full recovery.


Of course surgery isn’t the only option for men with flat butts out there. There’s always the Super Padded Butt Brief (Go Softwear) for guys on a budget. What a groping girl might think when she discovers this is a different issue entirely. Guys can always take a tip from their female counterparts to create a fuller looking backside too. Women everywhere know that wearing jeans with rear flap pockets can help to create this desired illusion. And if the prospect of “diaper butt” gives you anxiety, the NYT suggests picking up your next pair of chinos from Bonobos, who’s mission is to wipe out saggy pants everywhere. They say theirs simply fit better.


Whether you’re ready to commit, or simply exploring your options, make sure you find a qualified doctor with expertise and experience in buttock fat transfer. Rely on the experts at