Do you want to reshape your nose? Perhaps you are tired of that bump or slight crookedness, but you really don’t need a complete nose job. Non-surgical rhinoplasty may be able to give you the nose you really want. An attractive nose can come in many sizes and shapes. Generally, an attractive nose sites proportionally

As the most visible appendage of your body, the arms are the ultimate indicator of physical fitness. During the summer months, most people want to look their best in a swimming suit, tank top, golf shirt or any other piece of summer clothing. No one really wants to wear long sleeves in the summer, it’s

What is Artefill? Artefill is a revolutionary filler that provides long-lasting results for eliminating facial wrinkles and other contouring procedures. The technique uses polymethylacrilate (PMMA) that is injected deep into your skin. The microspheres of PMMA are surrounded by your body’s collagen to hold them in place to produce wrinkle reduction. These microspheres are five

Imagine undergoing a body contouring liposuction procedure during your lunch break! With the Vaser Lipo technique, you can do just that. This affordable and effective procedure lets patients walk in and walk out of a clinic within an hour. Whether you want to lose fat and inches in the usual areas such as the waist,