The Limits of Nonsurgical Liposuction

There are all kinds of new devices that promote fat loss without liposuction – sometimes they are even branded as “nonsurgical liposuction.” And while they can be helpful for the right person, they don’t produce the same results that can be accomplished with surgery. Sometimes, they may not even be safer. Here’s why:     […]

What to Expect: 2017 Cosmetic Surgery Trends

      There’s no way to know exactly what’s going to happen in 2017, but experts agree that cosmetic surgery is poised for growth. Americans spent more money than ever before on cosmetic improvements in 2016. Below are some of the cosmetic-improvement-trends you can expect for the year ahead: More Non-Invasive Body Contouring A […]

Whether it’s the result of aging and gravity taking its toll on the body or a matter of genetics that are causing a less than voluminous rear end, the frustration of trying to fit in clothes or feel self-confident with a sagging rear can be a real issue for many women who wish they could […]

Liposuction Is Still the Best Option For So Many Patients

Able to address everything from saddlebags to a double chin to cankles, liposuction is arguably the most versatile cosmetic surgery option out there. Its head-to-toe effectiveness makes it one of the most requested procedures year after year. Liposuction can not only treat numerous areas of the body, but also uses an array of techniques to […]

Liposuction vs. Cellulite: Are We There Yet?

Cellulite is exceedingly frustrating. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, in that seems to appear regardless of body type of activity level. Affecting predominantly women, cellulite is characterized by unsightly dimples on the thighs and buttocks which, in severe cases, are visible through certain clothing. Short skirts and swimsuits are often out of the […]

Freeze or Melt: What's the Best Way to Kill Fat Cells?

Everyone is born with a certain number of fat cells. That number goes up and down until you reach puberty. After that, the number stays the same. But, as we discover soon enough, the size of fat cells can change. They expand because of diets high in fats, increased calories, and hormones. Expanding fat cells […]

The Skinny on Large Volume Liposuction

  One of the biggest myths about liposuction is that the technique is reserved for ‘skinny’ people looking to improve just a small, isolated area of fat. Yes, it is true that historically the best liposuction results were seen by those close to their ideal body weight seeking to eliminate a stubborn area of localized […]

Letter from a Patient

I’ve always had some issues, not with the people’s beauty, nor with myself as a human being, but with my appearance. From a very young age I read all the glossy magazines and I smiled at the pictures of the ‘perfect’ beauties, the young, tall and slim top-models with amazing clothes. But I was never […]

Liposuction Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Gustavo Galante

Dr. Gus Galante’s impressive qualifications and endearing qualities make him among the best and most highly regarded plastic surgeons in Indiana. His impressive results are evidence of his world-class surgical training and years of experience. His genuine, easy personality makes patients feel comfortable, supported, and able to talk openly. Learn more about Dr. Galante and […]

The Art of Liposuction

  Liposuction has been at the forefront of cosmetic surgery procedures for over 40 years. Although the concept was first introduced in the 1920s, modern liposuction was created by two Italian gynecologists in 1974. The innovative technique for suctioning away unwanted fatty tissue quickly revolutionized aesthetic medicine. Since liposuction hit the market in 1982, it […]