Following liposuction or any aesthetic procedure, it is important to let your body to heal. Liposuction addresses excess body fat, which is why it is even more important to adhere to a healthy post-treatment diet to encourage both healing and prevent excessive fat gain that could potentially jeopardize the new look you have recently achieved

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There’s no way to know exactly what’s going to happen in 2017, but experts agree that cosmetic surgery is poised for growth. Americans spent more money than ever before on cosmetic improvements in 2016. Below are some of the cosmetic-improvement-trends you can expect for the year ahead: More Non-Invasive Body Contouring A mere decade ago,

If you have just undergone a liposuction procedure, you are enjoying those wonderful slimmer and trimmer curves. Additionally, there was the investment of emotion, time and money. Now is the time to make sure that you protect those investments, especially keep those great results. In many cases, it can take several months for the final

If you’re aiming to lose weight this year, you’re in good company. Millions of Americans are on a diet of some kind at any given time, though how many of them will succeed in shedding the pounds and keep them off long-term is hard to say. If you’re on a weight-loss journey or about to

Many of us scratch our heads as to why we’re feeling lethargic, anxious, depressed, or simply dragging along. While there are many variables, doctors agree that our nutrition or diet can directly impact the way we feel. In addition, nutritional imbalances can aggravate certain chronic diseases or mood disorders. Examples include joint pain, arthritis, diabetes,

Every New Year brings with it the resolution of a healthier, slimmer figure made by millions of Americans from coast to coast. And, may we mention, these are made to the tune of $2 billion on weight loss programs (!). What will the diet trends in 2014 be? Only time will tell. However, we’re perfectly