Recently, a newly FDA-approved product, Kybella, hit the market that will reduce the appearance of a double chin. This now puts this product into the area of chin liposuction for getting rid of that unsightly chin fat. If you want to get rid of that double chin, take a look at the differences between traditional

Liposuction procedures are among the most popular cosmetic procedures that patients undergo each year as they look to improve the contours of their body, finally relieve themselves of the extra fat that won’t seem to budge despite hard work with proper diet and exercise and seek to boost their self-esteem.   Liposuction methods are varied

For more than a decade, cosmetic procedures were usually considered “fringe” procedures. Often these treatments and procedures had side effects and low quality results. There were often scandals attached to these procedures, resulting in them being ridiculed and dismissed.   Currently, we are now seeing an era where cosmetic and plastic surgery are not only

Often, while people are considering cosmetic surgery procedures, they are concerned about safety, and potential risks and complications. A recent study has revealed a list of the four safest cosmetic procedures. Interestingly, these four are perhaps some of the most popular procedures. The following are the four procedure.     Injectable botulinum toxins type A

You probably understand that the main goal of liposuction is to contour and reshape problem areas. The reshaping is the goal, not weight loss. Liposuction is done to reduce “problem” areas that are just not responding to all that diet and exercise. The main areas targeted by liposuction are the thighs, hips, back, and abdomen.Interestingly,

There are so many fat reducing methods on the market today, both surgical and non-surgical. This is great for people seeking fat reduction through medically assisted means, but it can also be a bit overwhelming in wondering which option to choose. Liposuction has long been one of the most popular and effective cosmetic procedures for

  There are many people who may be asking themselves if they are “too old” to undergo a liposuction procedure. The answer to this question is an interesting one and can be answered through an understanding of what the patient is ready to define.   First, there needs to be an understanding of the difference

In a day and age where millions of people are struggling with their weight and body image like never before, there are plenty of weight-loss and body sculpting options available on the market. Of these, many are cosmetic procedures that have been steadily growing in popularity with each passing year. Liposuction is one such procedure

Many teenagers struggle with their self-image and feel self-conscious for various reasons about their appearance. One of the biggest struggles that teenagers face when it comes to their physical appearance is their weight. Because of this struggle, many teens and their parents often look for cosmetic solutions, such as liposuction, to help them with their