When it comes to reducing fat throughout the body, it seems as if there’s nothing liposuction can’t do. Today’s techniques allow it to specifically target more areas of the body than ever, leaving behind minimal scarring and beautiful results. Liposuction can create beautiful bodies on its own. Add in another procedure, and the transformation can


  Liposuction has been at the forefront of cosmetic surgery procedures for over 40 years. Although the concept was first introduced in the 1920s, modern liposuction was created by two Italian gynecologists in 1974. The innovative technique for suctioning away unwanted fatty tissue quickly revolutionized aesthetic medicine. Since liposuction hit the market in 1982, it


If you’re considering liposuction, you’re one of thousands of people who are currently considering or who have undergone a liposuction procedure in the past. Liposuction remains one of the most commonly sought cosmetic procedures available, and men and women alike seek this procedure as a means for ridding themselves of unwanted, stubborn fat as they

New Body? Post-Liposuction Nutrient Guidelines So you pulled the trigger, found a qualified, reputable liposuction doctor, and are feeling great about your new body—good for you! After making an investment in the way you look and feel, which isn’t an easy change for everyone to make, you definitely don’t want to risk losing it all


Pining for A More Shapely Silhouette You’ve dieted. You’ve exercised. You’ve lost the weight—well, most of it. Now you’re ready to refine your results! Those pesky love handles. The last bit of chunky thigh. The double chin. Nothing a good aesthetic professional can’t help you out with, but with all of the innovative body contouring


Liposuction Surgeon Spotlight:Dr. Cesar Velilla 954-642-2600 Dr. Velilla is trained and certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Anti-aging Medicine. He received his Medical degree of Physician and Surgeon from Pontificia Bolivariana University in Colombia “One of the best Medical schools of South América”. Dr. Velilla has achieved many


Male vs. Female Fat Have you ever noticed that men seem to have a much easier time losing weight than women? Or that women seem to store fat in different places than their male counterparts? Well, you’re not crazy. It turns out that there are many differences between males and females when it comes to

Liposuction and Weight Loss A common misperception is that liposuction is about fat removal or weight loss. This in not the case at all! While fat cells are, in fact, removed during liposuction surgery, the purpose of the fat removal is not to simply reduce the size of the problem area, but to reshape and

The Importance of Safe Liposuction Liposuction may be a beautifying procedure, but it is also a surgical one, requiring years of study and specialized training to do safely. Recently, some spas have added liposuction as a service, right along with manicures and massages. As liposuction is such a safe procedure when performed correctly, and as